Athkatla: The Hordes of Orgrimoth

Arc 1: Interlude 2

The southern gate attacked!

After a quick reconvening of the party, in which Dusk and Cora confirmed that ALL of the party’s eggs are currently doing alright, Cora Dusk and Mhota headed off to see Madam Kelphina Horsespittle and inform her that her life was in danger. They arrived to find her very hung-over and in need of much coffee, but otherwise happy enough to answer their questions. She lives alone, so has no staff to speak of, and hasn’t noticed anyone in particular hanging around or in her house (though her house is just down the street from the assassins’ hideout).

About that time Ariah had headed out to see if she could get more info on the potential killers, and found that there were three separate descriptions (tall sandy-haired, a shifty shorter dark haired man, and a beautiful half-elven platinum blonde woman in nicer clothes). Soon after she noticed Bob racing down the street as alarm bells started sounding over near the main city gates. Bob was looking for the newly dubbed “Corettes” (name to be debated) to ask them to check on the southern gate, as Caiden was concerned that the main army outside the city gate, composed mainly of hundreds of hobgoblins, might be a feint.

The party headed to the southern gate after seeing Kelphina off to the Assembly building, and encountered three hobgoblins and a monstrous hill giant circling around to the gate. while the hobgoblins weren’t too tough, the hill giant was an incredibly dangerous foe, flattening Ariah with a thrown rock and beating Mhota into unconsciousness (albeit briefly). Cora also took quite a beating, which left only Dusk escaping relatively unscathed. After taking the ugly brute down (and surviving the noxious gas that escaped his butt), they looted the bodies and found armor and weapons to sell off for a bit of gold. Mhota also braved the body odor of the giant to nab a small pouch of very lucrative gems.

Finally, the party returned to the assembly to meet with Horsespittle, Roche and to meet Sir Bellin Bluewater for the first time. Through combinations of people present they were able to learn that all three of the described killers had been seen in the Assembly, and the Master of the Assembly (Master of Ceremonies, Dace), is not on alert for them, seeking to hold them with the guards present if they show again. He has also tasked additional guards to Roche, Bluewater and Horsespittle for when they’re within the (gorgeous) Assembly building.

As a side note: Happy International Tabletop Day, everyone! :-D


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